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Two Days Before Mischief

April 3 the new date for voting in the Washington DC Primary election. Four Local City Councilmembers and two At-large City Councilmembers with the Shadow Senator, Shadow Represenative , and Shadow Congress Woman, on the ballots. We are praying for more than 100 thousand voters to vote in a City of more than 600 thousand people, will you vote ?



Political Ward 8 Forum

Political Ward 8 Forum

Ward 8 Council Race Forum

This was the last of serval forums that were held in Ward 8, alot of residents are expecting a new City Council Person after April 3rd, One candidate said it would be like The Thrilla in Manila, or Sonny Listen and Muhammad Ali, back in the day, a Earth Shaken upset !

The Re-Birth of The Man !

We, Men, have lost our place in the World, we have no direction for living, no leaders, no teachers, no guide lines, We must re-establish the universal order of life, if we want to stay on this planet. A movement as started to remove all useless life, we must alien our self with  how our universe has operated for trillions of years, with diversity, but in order, and unity.  Chaos has manifest, its ugly head, and we must bring it in order, or loose our life. Men have led for trillions of years, now it’s time to take our place again, and lead  to save our life, and our families, I hope you except the challenge

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