About Anthony Muhammad.

Skills and Strengths

Excellent interpersonal communication skills, both oral and written; ability to foster trust, creditability, and cohesive teamwork among people with diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives.  Ability to establish and support grassroots committees and activities.  Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with residents, community leaderships, government officials, and members of the business community.  Conversant in the ways, means and sources through which public-sector and private-sector financing can be utilized to positively impact local communities.  A career of professional achievement characterized by creative and proactive leadership, which is collaborative and facilitative yet decisive towards results. Entrepreneurial spirit with a capacity to exercise independent judgments and sound decision making in the midst of diverse and complex organizational environments.   Keen analytical and problem-solving skills.


Advisory Neighborhood Commission, District of Columbia Government, Washington, DC

Commissioner January 1991—Present

v  As an elected official, serves as advisor to city council, Mayor, executive agencies, boards and commissions on policy issues and matters affecting a particular single member district and community development within Northwest and Southeast.

v  As commission Chairman, serves as community liaison, direct point of contact for city council, facilitate and generate commission agenda.

v  Develop and cooperatively build effective relationships and partnerships with government agencies, businesses and neighborhood residents and stakeholders.

v  Coordinate partnerships with District Government Agencies while engaging and mobilizing constituency to maximize government response in resolving and assisting residents on zoning issues, economic development, city services and affordable housing.

v  Develop and implement community fairs, forums and educational programs, also administer grants.

Mid-Atlantic Prison Reform Ministry, Washington, DC

Counselor April 1987—Present

v  Conduct individual and group counseling, didactic lectures, admission assessments to inmates and adolescents within the prison system and juvenile court services programs.

v  Involved in designing a program for a federal grant to provide information about addictions to inmates who do not have the opportunity to attend formal inpatient programs due to overcrowding of the prison system.

v  Develop and conduct outreach and education programs.

v  Train personal to deliver the orientation and intervention of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments.

v  Provide formal and informal training to officers (within the Department of Corrections) and personal about addiction and treatment.

Other Experience

v  District of Columbia Delegate for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama        January 2008-Present

v  Community Emergency Response Training –Certified        June 2006 – Aug. 2006

Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Washington, DC             January 1983—Present

Barbershop and Transportation Specialist, serving clients within the Washington Metropolitan Area responsible for marketing, accounting, staff development, and management.

Certified to teach barbering in DC Public Schools.

v  United States Air Force Reserve, Washington, DC                January 1975—January 1981


District of Columbia Neighborhood College-George Washington University

Certificate of Excellence in Public Leadership March 2007 – March 2008

University of District of Columbia, Washington, DC

Associates Degree in Business Administration                   January 1984—January 1986


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